Fraud Summit 2019



DAY 1 – 09 MAY 2019
07h30 – 08h30
Arrival & Refreshments
08h30 – 08h45
Opening, welcome
Manie Van Schalkwyk, Executive Director, SAFPS
08h45 – 09h45
Keynote address
Jenny Reid, Chief Executive Officer, IFacts
09h45 – 10h30
The Role of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority in Combating of Fraud
Brandon Topham – Divisional Executive of Enforcement, FSCA
TEA BREAK 10h30 – 11h00
11h00 – 12h30
Machine Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in a Risk Environment – Panel Discussion
Andries Schutte, Director, Riskscape
Dr Caroline Belrose, Chief Data Scientist & Managing Director for Applied Intelligence, Accenture SA
Ulrich Janse van Rensburg, Fraud Strategy, ABSA
Paul Hutton, Chief Executive Officer, Onevault
12h30 – 13h15
An Overview of the Australian Environment and Progress Made by the Australian Financial Crimes Exchange
David Pegley, Managing Director, Financial Crimes Exchange MD [Australia]
LUNCH BREAK 13h15 – 14h15
14h15 – 15h00
The goals & challenges of the Prudential Authority
Jacques Henning, Divisional Head for Operational and IT Risk, Prudential Authority
15h00 – 15h45
Artificial Intelligence - How Does this Augment Human Intuition in Investigations?
Garth De Klerk, Chief Executive Officer, Insurance Crime Bureau
15h45 – 16h30
POPI – How to Become Compliant & Who Will be Impacted within Large Organisations?
Esme Prins-Van Den Berg, Healthcare Navigator


DAY 2 – 10 MAY 2019
07h30 – 08h30
Arrival & Refreshments
08h30 – 09h45
Forensics in the Digital Age – Panel Discussion
Herman de Beer, Managing Partner, Abacus Financial Crime Advisory
Louise Jordaan, Partner, StoneTurn
Adam Bown, Lead: Analytics & eDiscovery, Soarsoft
09h45 – 10h30
Intuition, Learning and Machine Learning: Past, Present and Future of Anti-fraud Methods
Prof Ke Yu, Associate Professor at the Department of Education Leadership and Management, UJ
10h30 – 11h15
Trends in Fraud in the UK;
Collaboration across Sectors;
Fraud in the Digital Age

Mike Hayley, Chief Executive Officer, CIFAS [UK]
TEA BREAK 11h15 – 11h45
11h45 – 12h15
Topic to be confirmed
John Holdsworth, CEO, Tautona AI
12h15 – 13h00
Genuine or Fraudster - The Insight to Act
Using device reputation to spot the good from bad on your digital channels

John Marsden, Sales Director, Iovation
13h00 – 14h00
Meet the Hacker
Rudi Dicks, Ethical Hacker and Director of Cyber, Checkmark
14h00– 14h30
The SAFPS Journey
Manie Van Schalkwyk, Executive Director, SAFPS
Michael Cowen

Michael Cowen

Programme Director

Michael Cowen is the CEO of WTF (that’s What’s The Future) and co-host of the ThinkWTF Podcast.

Michael focuses on helping business and individuals rethink the way they do business in the digital age.

Michael was previously Deloitte Digital Advisory Director, Mindshare’s Digital Lead, and has started four businesses, each using technology in a different way.

Michael has helped major brands like Coca-Cola, MacDonald’s, Unilever, Multichoice, MTN, Ford, Telesure, Alexander Forbes and KFC to grow and thrive in this digital economy.

“Mike is one of the most forward-thinking digital professionals in the business. He presents his ideas with passion and clarity that is infectious and unapologetic.” Mike Saunders, CEO Digitlabs

Manie van Schalkwyk

Manie van Schalkwyk

Executive Director, SAFPS
Opening, welcome

Manie van Schalkwyk has a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Pretoria, South Africa and has 30 years’ professional experience of which 23 years are in the broader credit information industry.

He has worked in various executive positions for the two largest credit bureaux in South Africa. For 11 years Manie served as the first Ombudsman of the Credit Ombud Association.

He has consulted on various projects in Africa on creating effective environments for Ombud structures to be sustainable in markets like Kenya and Malawi; and has assessed and compared market conduct principles and standards in the SADC region to international benchmarks so as to understand what mechanisms regulators use to monitor market conduct.

He was appointed as the Executive Director of the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service in February 2016.

Jenny Reid

Jenny Reid

Chief Executive Officer, IFacts
Keynote Address

Jenny Reid, the driving force behind IFacts, is a woman who makes things happen. Where others see challenges, she envisions solutions. She has become an outspoken advocate of change, integrity and innovation. Her solid experience gains respect, while her fearless attitude is admired by her peers, the media and her clients.

Jenny is a sought-after speaker and conference facilitator, both in South Africa and abroad, where her “people risk” experience, insights and sharp analysis of the background screening sector is valued by organisers and audiences alike. Her fearless attitude and tireless energy have made her stand out in the industry; she has become an inspiration to other women in the industry.

Jenny started her career in the security industry in 1995 and her integrity and talent was recognised when she became the first woman president of the Security Association of South Africa (SASA) in 40 years. She bought the IFacts brand in 2009 and saw an opportunity to help her clients remove risks and develop progressive solutions to employee screening. From this, Jenny took her idea a step further and developed a holistic enhancement programme, aimed at helping business owners create a loyal, productive and healthy workforce.

In 2018 Jenny became a partner in a business called 50Plus-Skills, a skills platform for the over 50s, who have often retired too soon and either require paid work to live in the later segment of their life, or who want to give back to society through work or play.

Jenny has since become a Master NLP Coach and created an online health and wellness platform to help people become the best they can be. Her tagline is “Dream it, Do it, Be it”. She specialises in programmes for career development, health and wellness and also retirement planning.

Brandon Topham

Brandon Topham

Divisional Executive of Enforcement, FSCA
The Role Of The Financial Sector Conduct Authority And Combating Of Fraud

Brandon Topham is the Divisional Executive for Investigations and Enforcement at the Financial Sector Conduct Authority. He is an accomplished business executive with considerable local and international experience in corporate governance, finance and commercial law. He has served as a member of the South African Parliament, and served on the Trade & Industry, Finance, Auditor General and Appropriations Committees. He is an experienced forensic accountant having performed work in most industries in many areas of financial misconduct. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant in South Africa and an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa as well as a non-practising member on the roll of the Solicitors Regulation Authority of England & Wales. He holds a Bachelor of Law (LLB); a B Proc BCompt; BCompt (Hons) and Master of Law (LLM) degrees. He also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Taxation and is a Certified Fraud Examiner, Chartered Director (IODSA) and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK).

Andries Schutte

Andries Schutte

Director, Riskscape
Machine Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence And Data Analytics In A Risk Environment – Panel Discussion

Andries has 24 years of financial and risk management experience. He is a qualified actuary with extensive experience in Financial Risk Management and consulting. Beyond his professional skills and experience, Andries is an active entrepreneur and has founded a number of start-up companies in various stages of development (predominantly in FinTec, Spatial Analytics, and Healthcare).

Andries co-founded the Quantitative and Economic Analysis division of KPMG in 2002, focusing on investments, financial modelling, economics and actuarial science, including Basel II modelling and decision support modelling. Andries advised most of the bigger SA banks during his time at KPMG, and has advised banks and other entities in the UK, Dubai, Mauritius, Namibia, amongst others. He was a Partner at KPMG for 7 years, including 3 years as Managing Partner of the Financial Risks Management Unit (including the national actuarial practice).

Prior to joining KPMG, Andries worked in life assurance for 6 years, heading up several departments including IT, Risk, and Actuarial. He also spent 3 years as an equity research analyst, where he was rated a top equity analyst in the Financial Mail survey for his coverage of the Financial Sector. He has served as non-executive director for a short-term insurance company.

Andries is a member of the Actuarial Society’s Enterprise and Financial Risks committee. He led a task team on the role of the Chief Risk Officer on behalf of the Actuarial Society in 2010 and was awarded the Certified Enterprise Risk Actuary qualification in 2012. Andries’s more recent consulting activities included advising the insurance regulator on internal models under the new Solvency Assessment and Management regime, actuarial work, as well as providing advice to banks on impairments, risk appetite, model risk management, stress-testing, and economic capital. Andries has also performed work for the Competition Commission of South Africa recently. He holds the following degrees, qualifications and fellowships:

BCom: Insurance and Actuarial Science - University of Pretoria
BCom (Hons): Financial Management – University of Pretoria
International capital markets qualification – Securities Institute (London)
Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries – Institute of Actuaries (London)
Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa - Actuarial Society of South Africa
Certified Enterprise Risk Actuary – CERA Global

Dr Caroline Belrose

Dr Caroline Belrose

Chief Data Scientist & Managing Director for Applied Intelligence, Accenture SA
Machine Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in a Risk Environment – Panel Discussion

Caroline is Accenture South Africa's Chief Data Scientist & Managing Director for Applied Intelligence. She is a data analytics expert with a background in Mathematics, Cryptography and Information Security. She has a master’s degree in Information Security, followed by a PhD in Applied Mathematics and Cryptography from the University of London. Her analytics experience is primarily in telecommunications and payments with a focus on fraud detection.

Paul Hutton

Paul Hutton

Chief Executive Officer, Onevault
Machine Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in a Risk Environment – Panel Discussion

Paul has a track record in establishing new businesses that seek to offer new levels of convenience and insight. From his early days in the motor industry through to the set-up of MotorOnline (acquired by TransUnion) and running the TransUnion Credit Bureau, Paul has been a passionate proponent of the value of data as an aid to changing the way businesses and consumers do business.

After seeing the power of voice biometrics being used in countries like Japan and Canada – Paul realised that voice biometrics offered an important authentication methodology for organisations in South Africa. Paul set up OneVault in 2011 with the intent to establish a voice biometric bureau. With the evolution of the technology solution and the exponential growth of voice biometrics across the globe, voice biometrics has come of age and organisations – both public and private - are experiencing significant value in customer experience, mitigation of fraud and the realisation of strong authentication within multiple processes of all kind.

In his free time, Paul attempts to enter the odd half Iron Man race, support his children at the side of a sports field and enjoy life to the fullest!

David Pegley

David Pegley

Managing Director, Financial Crimes Exchange MD [Australia]
An Overview Of The Australian Environment And Progress Made By The Australian Financial Crimes Exchange

David is Managing Director of the Australian Financial Crimes Exchange. In 2016 he was engaged to lead the ground-up development of a secure data and intelligence sharing capability across member banks. The AFCX has since delivered a first-to-market technology platform that enables the monitoring of financial and cybercrime. David continues to proactively engage at all levels with law enforcement, cyber-security experts and technology partners to enhance capacity, capability and output, supporting the effort to address financial and cybercrime as a priority threat facing the community.

David has more than 30 years’ management experience in the financial services industry where he has held several key roles at Cash Services Australia, the Commonwealth Bank Group, Citibank and Fuji Bank across corporate finance, retail banking, superannuation, insurance, funds management and intermediary based distribution. His work has encompassed a wide range of management disciplines including distribution, marketing, project management, business management and information technology.

David holds a Bachelor of Science degree and an MBA. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Justice of the Peace.

Jacques Henning

Jacques Henning

Divisional Head for Operational and IT Risk, Prudential Authority
The goals & challenges of the Prudential Authority

Jacques has worked in the banking/financial industry for over twenty-four years in various roles, with just over thirteen being in the risk domain. He has been employed at the South African Reserve Bank since February 2012 and is currently responsible for Operational Risk (OR), Information Technology Risk and Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting. These roles fall within the Risk Support Department of the Prudential Authority.

Jacques was previously a member of the Working Group on Operational Risk, is a current member of the Operational Resilience Group (ORG) and the Risk Data Network (RDN), working groups of the Policy Development Group (PDG) and the Supervision and Implementation Group (SIG), which are subcommittees of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. The ORG assesses issues related to cyber-risk, develops principles and metrics on operational resilience and will evaluate the new OR standardised approach that will come into effect from 2022 for banks, including the development of FAQs and the update of the Principles for the Sound Management of Operational Risk. The RDN supports the SIG to foster sound and consistent implementation of the Basel Committee's Principles for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting.

He was a cyber-panellist at the Swift African Regional Conference in 2018, represented the SARB at the Financial Stability Board Cyber workshop in 2017 and was a working group member of the Innovation and Cyber Conferences hosted by the SARB in 2018 and 2016, where he also participated as a moderator/panellist relating to cloud computing and cyber respectively.

Jacques holds an advanced diploma in Project and Programme Management from Cranefield College, a BCom from UNISA, a postgraduate diploma in Advanced Banking Law (Cum Laude) from UJ, MAP (WBS) and GEDP (GIBS).

Garth De Klerk

Garth De Klerk

Chief Executive Officer, Insurance Crime Bureau
Artificial Intelligence – How Does This Augment Human Intuition In Investigations?

Garth de Klerk is the CEO of The Insurance Crime Bureau – a South African passionate about protecting the population of SA and looking to make the country a better place for all.

Garth has over 20 years’ experience in the Short-Term Insurance Industry and has in the past worked in International Markets as well as in Africa.

Garth is passionate about people and networking and welcomes the opportunity to connect as a common-cause community.

Esmé Prins-Van Den Berg

Esmé Prins-Van Den Berg

Healthcare Navigator
POPI – How to become compliant & who will be impacted within large organisations?

Esmé is a qualified attorney, specialising in health law (including the Protection of Personal Information Act and the Consumer Protection Act), corporate governance, health policy and health industry matters. Esmé completed her master’s degree in constitutional law and human rights during which studies she critically reviewed the constitutionality of the regulation of medical practice in South Africa. She worked for the South African Medical Association (SAMA) where she, amongst others, headed up the Health Policy and Private Practice Units. Esmé also worked for the Board of Health Executives (a Fedsure Group Company) in South Africa. She has been offering health care consulting and training services through her own consulting business, Healthcare Navigator, since 2002 to the health care industry at large in South Africa and abroad. She is a fellow of the Institute of Directors of South Africa.

Ellen Pakkies

Ellen Pakkies

Guest Speaker – Networking Function

Drug and alcohol abuse takes its toll on thousands of South Africans and this is an enormous and increasing social problem.

Studies have shown that drug abuse can lead to crime, either through the need to fund drug habits or because of psychopharmacological changes precipitated by substance abuse.

There are many factors that may make people vulnerable, including genetics, family background, mental health issues, work stress, financial pressure, and relationship problems.

An added complication is that substance abuse can lead to impulsive behaviour and poor judgment. Many substance abusers experience financial difficulties due to the large amounts of money they spend on drugs or alcohol. It is estimated that up to 60% of crimes committed involve the use of substances.

Ellen Pakkies was a Lavender Hill mother who killed her abusive and Tik-addicted son, Abie, in 2007. She handed herself over to the Police, was arrested and given a three-year suspended sentence and community service. During this time, she became a community worker, leading the fight against the scourge of Tik.

Join us at our evening networking function to hear Ellen’s incredible story.

Herman De Beer

Herman De Beer

Managing Partner, Abacus Financial Crime Advisory
Panel Discussion – Forensics In The Digital Age

Herman is a Managing Partner of AfcA. He has 35 years of experience in conducting forensic investigations and probity assignments. He has a BA (Law), LLB and master’s degree in Banking and Stock Exchange Law and is an admitted Advocate. Prior to joining the private sector, Herman practised as a Senior State Advocate in the South Gauteng High Court.

Herman has been involved in countless investigations involving complex economic crimes where an understanding of the methods used to commit fraud and corruption, knowledge of relevant legislation, and an understanding of how to resolve allegations of economic crimes were key factors to obtaining successful outcomes. Consequently, Herman has a unique understanding of the nature of forensic accounting methodologies.

His in-depth understanding of the public sector legislative and regulatory framework includes the requirements and impact of the Constitution, the PFMA, MFMA, National Treasury Regulations, PRECCA, The Protected Disclosures Act and the Competition Act. Herman uses his legal training to facilitate and inform his investigative approach and ensure that all pertinent legal aspects are considered in each case.

Over the years, Herman has been appointed by various public entities to conduct forensic investigations in which documentary and electronic evidence was securely collected and analysed in order to prove allegations of fraud, procurement irregularities, corruption, bribery, maladministration, and other irregularities and misconduct. The collation of evidence included identifying and interviewing witnesses, officials, third parties and accused persons. He has converted their versions to statements or sworn affidavits, containing annexed documentary evidence where applicable. These interviews often involved high-level executives, management-level employees and other high-ranking officials. This has been an essential element of all his public and private sector investigations.

Louise Jordaan

Louise Jordaan

Partner, StoneTurn
Panel Discussion – Forensics In The Digital Age

Louise Jordaan, a Partner with StoneTurn, has more than 22 years of forensic investigation, forensic accounting, expert witness and business dispute resolution experience. She also advises clients on the implementation of whistleblowing services and fraud management controls in support of their compliance and risk management functions.

Louise has been involved in, and has managed, numerous forensic accounting engagements related to the misrepresentation of financial statements of listed companies, loss of profits, and quantification of resulting claims and insolvency related matters. She has primarily worked with clients in the financial services, manufacturing, natural resources and mining industries. She has also worked with clients in the public sector, including municipalities, the South African Revenue Service, the South African Police Service and the National Prosecuting Authority.

Louise has led a variety of investigations, including cross-border investigations, related to misconduct such as theft, anti-money laundering, corruption and general employee and executive fraud.

Prior to joining StoneTurn, Louise was with KPMG, where she served as a Partner in the Forensics practice and managed the Ethics Line services offering.

Louise is a Chartered Accountant and a member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Institute of Regulatory Board for Auditors, the Institute of Commercial Forensic Practitioners, and an Associate Member of the ACFE International. She is an Admitted Advocate to the High Court of South Africa.

Adam Bown

Adam Bown

Lead: Analytics & eDiscovery, Soarsoft
Panel Discussion – Forensics In The Digital Age

Adam is the lead for Soarsoft’s Analytics and eDiscovery Team. He has 19 years’ experience in the areas of IT infrastructure, database development, data analytics, forensic data analytics, data-driven forensic investigations, eDiscovery and IT Forensics. Adam has worked for Anderson and KPMG. He has extensive experience as a forensic technologist at the KPMG forensic business where he worked as Associate Director leading the Data Analytics practice for many years. He has a B.Sc. Geodetic Engineering degree and an assortment of other post graduate diplomas and certificates in the fields of forensics and technology.

He is an experienced forensic report writer and has prepared numerous reports pertaining to forensic data analytics and IT forensics. Adam is also experienced in reporting to audit committees, boards and senior management and the preparation of suitable reports for these meetings. His in-depth technical knowledge and ability to convey complex technological information in an intelligible manner, provides invaluable insights to the people and committees he reports to.

Adam is highly skilled in the use of different software products and capabilities to perform forensic data visualisation analysis and presentations. In this regard, he worked for a major medical aid scheme to identify anomalies relating to benefit fraud committed against the medical aid entity.

Furthermore, Adam has led numerous eDiscovery cases and has a natural aptitude for case management engagements in support of the forensic investigations in areas such as telecommunications, public sector and financial sector verticals.

Professor Ke Yu

Professor Ke Yu

Associate Professor at the Department of Education Leadership and Management, UJ
Intuition, Learning And Machine Learning: Past, Present And Future Of Anti-Fraud Methods

Prof Yu is an associate professor at the Education Faculty at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. She holds a PhD from the Educational Management and Policy Studies department at the University of Pretoria, a master’s degree in International Business from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in China.

She is an avid reader and critical thinker. Her primary research interest includes knowledge production, especially within the new technological context, research governance and impact, as well as counter-narrative and comparative studies.

Mike Haley

Mike Haley

Chief Executive Officer, CIFAS [UK]
Trends In Fraud In The Uk; Collaboration Across Sectors; Fraud In The Digital Age

Since being appointed Chief Executive at Cifas in May 2018, Mike has actively worked to grow the community of stakeholders sharing data, intelligence and insight in the pursuit of preventing fraud and financial crime. Mike is passionate about Cifas becoming the driving force behind fraud prevention in the UK and with over 30 years’ experience of tackling and preventing fraud across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors he is determined to bring together a strong cross-sectoral collaborative approach to tackling fraud. Mike has recently been appointed as the Chair of the Home Office Joint Fraud Taskforce (JFT) whose main purpose is to reduce the level of fraud and harm it causes to individual victims and organisations by making it significantly more difficult for fraudsters to operate within the UK. With a master’s degree in Criminology, Mike has led investigative teams in the National Health Service, Ministry of Defence, Office of Fair Trading, HM Revenue and Customs and Solicitors Regulation Authority. He has also worked at the National Fraud Authority directing cross sector fraud prevention strategies. Mike believes that the battle against fraud is one that cannot be won alone and by collaborating as a community, we can be relentless in our effort to put the spotlight on fraud and not only protect each other but also make the UK a safer place to live and do business.

John Holdsworth

John Holdsworth

CEO, Tautona AI
Cognitive Automation: How To Redesign The Traditional Workplace And Empower People By Embracing Robotics And Artificial Intelligence

John Holdsworth is a serial entrepreneur with a consistent track record of identifying emerging trends often in disruptive sectors, building pioneering companies, and leading them to profitability and acquisition. John is one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the SA Tech industry.

John started out as a COBOL computer programmer working on IBM mainframes and over a 20-year career has performed many roles in the IT industry including computer programming, systems analysis and design, project management and business consulting.

John is the co-founder and CEO of the cognitive automation company Tautona. Tautona automates judgment-based tasks once reserved for humans.

John’s operational expertise has spanned many diverse sectors within the IT industry including call centers; internet banking; mobile banking, information security; electronic commerce; mobile commerce, electronic payments, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), computer vision, business process management, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics

John Marsden

John Marsden

Sales Director Iovation, a TransUnion company
Using Device Reputation To Spot The Good From Bad On Your Digital Channels

For over 20 years, John has been at the leading edge of e-commerce, helping clients to navigate the risks and customer experience challenges involved in safely transacting with customers in the digital channels.

From the early days, specialising in Merchant Acquiring, then through Credit Reference Agencies, using data assets and systems to confirm Identity and manage fraud risks and now with Iovation John continues his career theme of 'making the internet a safer place'. John has helped hundreds of companies to realise and exploit their digital channels, enabling their customers to deliver service and experience excellence.

John's expertise stemming from the years of experience with Barclaycard, Experian, Equifax and now Iovation has covered Identity, Fraud Prevention, anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing efforts. In a world where the internet is the playground for nefarious actors to gain finance and facility John's knowledge and understanding has been crucial to clients’ projects and process success.

Rudi Dicks

Rudi Dicks

Ethical Hacker and Director of Cyber, Checkmark
Meet The Hacker

Rudi started hacking as a hobby in high school and has gone on to accumulate more than 18 years of professional experience in the information security field, making him one of the most experienced security professionals in the country. He has led penetration tests for many Top 100 and JSE listed companies in South Africa as well as multiple multi-national and international firms across four continents.

Rudi proudly served as part of the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup Bid Company and Organising Committee as network and security manager.

He is well-versed in best practices and compliance with a specialisation in offensive (red team) and defensive (blue team) information security. He has been invited to speak, both locally and internationally, at various seminars and conferences and writes opinion pieces for various publications.

Rudi prides himself on his ability to communicate effectively around operational risk and impact with executives and stakeholders. Delivering CISO as a service to SME and corporate clients, he has experience in advising companies at the steer-co and board level from mature security postures all the way through to organisations starting out on their information security journey.

On the technical side, he mentors multiple young security professionals in an effort to reduce the enormous skills shortage in the information security profession.


CCNA – Cisco Certified Network Associate
MCSE – Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker


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