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Jan 2017

The best part of our job is when we get to redesign a brand’s entire visual identity, sometimes with the objective to reposition them in the marketplace or establish them as leaders in their respective industries, other times to assist a start-up to reflect their values and look professional, whatever that may mean to their specific business.

We do the research: we familiarise ourselves with our client’s business and industry. We define, sympathise and fall in love with their target audience, and look at ways this brand can better serve their needs and ultimately improve their customer’s lives.

For me personally, a big source of inspiration during this part of the project is the work of Simon Sinek, celebrated author of Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last. My Millennial sense of responsibility kicks in, and I become immensely inspired to relate his teachings to our client: why do you do what you do? Surely not only to make some money – that really isn’t something we can visually package and communicate to your target market, at least not in an ethical way – so really think about it. Why do you do what you do?

I am always surprised to find that a lot of business owners or leaders have never asked themselves this question, let alone used it to inspire those working for them, and yet they all have a Vision & Mission page on their website, followed by some generic-sounding business values.

So we work with our client to unlock their raison d’être, their reason for existence and their core purpose. Once we are able to put their Why into words, it becomes a true north star for client and agency alike. It lights the fire in the hearts of our designers and the creative process develops in a natural way: each visual item supports an ethical, responsible idea aimed at improving lives and making a difference.

This year will be no different: as our business grows, we will continue to create leading brands and do responsible creative work. So here’s to a 2017 filled with positive change, in which we know exactly why we do what we do.

Vasthi Strydom

Inspired 2017

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