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Aug 2016
Rotating handbags for Lorenzi

Our Creative Director writes:

What a privilege to share our studio with passionate, fearless creatives. Running into the office early one morning in September, I was surprised to find that it wasn’t quiet and empty: instead, what greeted me was a mosaic of colourful Lorenzi handbags covering the floor, desks and chairs, and somewhere in the middle of the chaos, crouching on the floor beside her tripod and camera lights was Tanya, our digital designer, immersed in shooting shot-frame sequences of Lorenzi’s newest range. And so it goes in a creative space, I guess: should I wriggle myself inbetween the beautiful handbags in front of my machine and continue chasing the deadline I’m currently working on, or do I take part in the creative process taking place, literally under my nose?

Stupid question. Two hours later the entire studio had trickled in, and we were all taking part and enjoying the photo shoot: rotating handbags, holding reflectors this way and that and taking orders from little Tanya, the big creative. Who, by the way, was not doing this because someone asked her to do it, but because she wants to improve the online experience of visitors to Lorenzi’s website. That’s the kind of passion we encourage at ThoughtCapital.


Lorenzi Spring Summer Range Animation

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