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Brand Strategy

Whether you are rebranding an existing business or coming to us for help on your start-up’s visual language, when rolling out a fresh new look for your brand it is important to follow a detailed and tailored strategy, guided by the findings of your Brand Audit. Branding does not happen overnight: it is a carefully designed blueprint on how to communicate a crafted message to the correct audience. It takes planning to define how you will lead them to action in a respectful and transparent manner. Another part of the challenge is to do this without alienating your existing client base.

A Brand Workshop with your management teams will teach us all we need to know about your business. Understanding what you’re trying to achieve and the values with which you do this will go a long way in ensuring we create an appropriate visual personality for your business: one you and your teams can be proud of and your clients can relate to.

Having decided on the message and the channels through which we will be communicating to maximise our reach, the visual design process can start. Our brand consultants will work closely with our print and digital designers while they develop a fresh new identity for your business.