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We are Big Picture Thinkers.

Our experienced design team is committed to delivering world-class creative work, and in our studio we believe that graphic design should never happen in isolation: it forms part of a bigger communication strategy working towards a predefined, common goal. In other words, a successful piece of design is never only visually appealing, but also acts as a creative tool supporting your bigger business goals.

It is within this engine room that our agency’s values truly come alive:

Creativity multiplies exponentially when we work as #teamthoughtcapital. We rely on a mixture of our founder’s experience combined with the raw energy of our youngsters to deliver creative excellence: unique and relevant design solutions to the wide variety of briefs that land on our boardroom table.

Our studio runs on state of the art professional design hard- and software, and our design team holds qualifications from the top design schools in the country. Our #alwayson attention to even the smallest detail in our work means we deliver our service with unwavering confidence. We are a potent team who takes great pride in our work.