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About Us

From graphic design studio in 1993 to brand consultancy & digital agency in 2017.

ThoughtCapital was established in 1993 as a graphic design and communications consultancy. Founded with the intention of providing a ‘single source’ design solution, it has evolved into a reliable, well-managed through-the-line graphic communications studio. There are several major efficiencies that arise out of a “single source” scenario, not least of which is the cost-efficiency and effectiveness that is derived from an ability to provide a complementary and complete communications programme. Simply, this should alleviate the kind of budget dissipation so often caused by the “mixed-messages” which often result from using several Agencies to handle the various elements of the creative mix. 




We have some radical skills.






Our team is lead by founder and MD James Hemphill. His right hand is Sam Moe, who keeps all the creatives in line. Michelle Nicholls makes sure all our clients are happy and kept in the loop. In the studio Vasthi Strydom comes up with all sorts of creative ideas, assisted by her right hand – and social manager – Dene Nell. Digital projects are lead by back-end developer Deejay Pyoos, who relies on Tanya Hoffman’s brilliant digital design solutions and George Bester’s clever coding.

We look to Des Williams and Nick Galpine to add words to our creative ideas. Merriam makes sure our coffee cups are loaded, whilst Janet Littlewood and Nick Moore keep tabs on the finances.




20 years of creativity

We simply love meeting new clients and working on new brands, but there’s nothing better than looking back over 20 years of creative work and seeing how far we’ve brought our most loyal clients. We are proud of the lasting relationships and irreplaceable brand knowledge we’ve built up through the years.

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